08 January 2013

The Biography of Jennie Frow Fuller

  Previously, we have mentioned Jennie Frow Fuller, likely the earliest missionary in the Grings-Champlin family.  Her biography was published shortly after her death in India in 1900.  It has now been lightly revised and re-published with some additional resources concerning her life.  It is available on Amazon in both print and Kindle editions.

 Below is the blurb from the back cover:
The testimony of Jennie Frow Fuller's life is recorded in this book from her own writings and the words of those who knew her well. These combine to paint a picture of a woman who was unusually gifted, deeply Christ-like, and genuinely selfless in ministering the Gospel to the people of Berar Province, India in the late 1800s. She was the unusual missionary wife who became more influential than her husband and who ministered with profit to all types of people in the stratified land she was called to. Jennie Fuller's pen, her speaking, and her living together produced a lasting impact for the Kingdom of her Savior. This is the story of the "best known and best loved missionary in Western India", "the woman apostle to the women of India."
 A few additional resources should also be mentioned here relating to this particular family.  For much of their ministry Marcus and Jennie (Frow) Fuller were a part of the CMA; in the digitalized CMA archives, many writings by them or their daughter Lucia may be found.  That archive is available here.  An internet search for Jennie Fuller's name will reveal an additional wealth of information.  Finally, it should be noted that Lucia Bierce Fuller wrote a book entitled "The Triumph of an Indian Widow: The Life of Pandita Ramabai." After growing up in India, she returned there as an adult and ministered there.

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