19 May 2012

Autobiography of Herbert Grings back in print

 As I mentioned in the last post, we've been working on getting The Autobiography of Herbert Grings printed again.  That has now been successfully accomplished.  It is available here and on Amazon as well.  The Kindle version is available here.

from the back cover:
". . . and so I was launched to be a preacher of the gospel to the ends of the earth." ~ Herbert E. Grings

The apostle Paul testified that it is not the wise, the mighty, or the noble but rather the foolish and weak who are chosen to manifest the glory of God in the midst of a dark and dying world. Herbert Grings humbly followed his Savior wherever he was called, and he sought to bring God alone the glory though his life and sacrificial service. Despite shipwreck, the death of his wife, and many other trials in the jungles of the Belgian Congo, Herbert faithfully proclaimed the gospel of Christ leaving behind a Christ-like example for future generations.

06 May 2012

Herbert Grings' Autobiography republished!

  The Autobiography of Herbert Ernest Grings: His Testimony and Missionary Service in the Belgian Congo has been republished after nearly fifty years.  It is available here in the Kindle format from Amazon.com.  (We are currently working on details to get it re-printed as a paperback too.)

 This project has come to completion through a number of people's efforts, but it is particularly important to mention that the author's daughter, Louise Grings Champlin, added an epilogue concerning the remaining years of Herbert's life, as well as a summary of the lives of each of his five kids.  These additions along with picture from the family's history should help this book to be an encouraging record of God's work in the world for many more years.