08 December 2010

Herbert Grings writes an article for the Navy

  I randomly came across this US Naval publication today while I was (supposed to be) researching for something else.  (To actually see the things of interest you would have to add the book to your eBook library and then go search for "Grings" in it.)  It is a fasinating publication which notes that Herbert E. Grings had just been advanced to Chief Yeoman.  But even more interesting is the article, "Cruising in Alaska Waters,"  about H. E. Grings, C. Y.   Grings was aboard the USS Maryland, which was "the first vessel of any size to enter any of the Alaska ports."  He reports that the weather that they had experienced was "almost superior to Sunny California" and that some who had gone to see Child's Glacier reported that it was better than seeing Kilauea Volcano in Honolulu the previous year. 

Anyways, the publication was Our Navy, the Standard Publication of the U.S. Navy, Volume 7, 1913.

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