03 October 2009

No Turning Back: The Life and Adventures of Herbert Grings Missionary to the Congo

No Turning Back (Kindle version)should become available November 20, 2009.  As far as I understand, the author, Jan Van Hee, met Winnie Ferrel Grings many years ago and was introduced to Herbert Grings' Autobiography.  She decided to rewrite the book for a new and younger generation and has worked for several years to accomplish this and get the book published. 

Other books that have been published by or about the family include the following:
Victrola Victories Among Privite Indian Tribes - Herbert E. Grings (This book fills in some of the years between the end of his Autobiography and his translation to glory in 1977.)
We Two Alone - Ruth Hege (An account of the attack on Irene Ferrel and Ruth Hege in the land of Congo during the Simba rebellion.)
The Wrongs of Indian Womanhood - Mrs. Marcus B. Fuller (This book is more distantly connected to the family, having been written about Ruth Fuller Grings' aunt, Jennie Frow Fuller who served in India for many years with her husband Marcus Fuller.)
A Life for God in India by Helen Dyer - a biography of Mrs Jennie Frow Fuller

Also of possible interest:
With Love and Loathing - John Crosby (This book references Herbert Grings' travels in South America when he crossed paths with the author; the author is also referenced in Victrola Victories.)

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